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AV-2000 - Pyromaniac

Vinyl Optics


PERFormance Vision Decal ™

The PERFormance Vision Decal ™ is a perforated decal with minimal visual impairment that provides lens and UV protection during recreational or training situations. This decal showcases an outward facing image that’s invisible to the user’s sight.

Onyx Vision Decal 

The Onyx Vision Decal ™ has an onyx black inner surface that is completely opaque for the user. This decal comes as a permanent application with an outward facing image that may be customized.

Lens Guard Decal ™

The Lens Guard Decal ™ is a  white opaque material that clings to your lens for protection, but may also be used as a non-IDLH training application. This reusable decal has an outward facing image that may be customized and does not leave a residue when removed from your mask lens.

These products are NOT intended for IDLH atmospheres


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