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 Vinyl Optics ™ is a small startup company that was established in 2016 out of Austin, Texas. The company was created for and revolves around the public safety community. Our mission is to create multi-functional products that serve the men and women that protect our communities. The company currently offers three products known as Vinyl Optic Decals ™, i.e. , SCBA Mask Decals that are intended for training, public education, and recreational purposes. The company’s original concept was first introduced in 2013 to protect and personalize the SCBA lens during recreational or training use. Over the following years a group of firefighters tested the products during multiple events throughout four different countries. During this time, the popularity of the decals grew and numerous versions were produced with custom logos. It soon became clear that the demand for this innovative product warranted the formation of a company, thus the foundation of  Vinyl Optic Decals ™.