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Vinyl Optic Decals ™ are currently offered as an external application product that fits over a variety of SCBA mask lenses. It was important for us to create a multi-functional product that helps optimize uses outside of emergency situations. We offer several unique products that are a “First to Market” in the public safety arena.


PERFormance Vision ™

The PERFormance Mask Decal ™ is the cornerstone of our line. It was originally created as a functional and stylish addition to the SCBA masks used by the ATX Firefighter Combat Challenge Team. The Decal is made from a perforated material that has minimal visual impairment, protects the SCBA lens and provides UV protection during recreational or training situations. 


Onyx Vision ™

The Onyx Vision Mask Decal ™ is the second mask product created by Vinyl Optics. This particular mask decal is designed with a black backing that faces inward towards the user's vision, totally obscuring the users vision to simulate a zero visibility situations. This decal also provides scratch protection for heavily used training masks. The Onyx Vision Decal is a PERMANENT application for designated training masks.


Lens Guard ™

The Lens Guard Decal ™ is the most recent addition to the Vinyl Optics product line. This decal was created as an easy to use protective application to make a SCBA mask storage bag unnecessary. This decal is REUSABLE and leaves no residue behind when removed. The Lens Guard ™ is a white, opaque material that sticks to your lens for protection, but also doubles as a training lens cover to simulate low visibility. If you're headed into an IDLH atmosphere, simply remove your Lens Guard ™ and place it on the window of your apparatus. When the call is completed, you simply wipe your lens clean and reapply the decal. This decal is designed to keep your SCBA lens in scratch free condition during training or storage.