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Listed below are a few basic bullet points on how to successfully install your Vinyl Optic Decals ™ with ease. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at


  • For best results, begin by cleaning the mask per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Once cleaned, carefully peel the Vinyl Optic Decal ™ from the backing while ensuring that the adhesive side doesn’t come in contact with anything.
  • To prevent tearing, be gentle when removing the thinner portions of your Vinyl Optic Decal ™.
  • Apply the Vinyl Optic Decal ™ to the center uppermost portion of the mask and work your way outward gently applying even pressure to avoid creasing.
  • A couple of attempts may be needed to perfectly align the Vinyl Optic Decal ™ with your lens.
  • After application is complete, smooth out the image surface to remove any bubbling.


Onyx View Decal ™ is a permanent decal that must be applied with mild soapy water to insure easy installation free of bubbles or creases.